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Welcome to We are the only qualified bat removal company in New Orleans, Louisiana. We are a small, locally-owned, and operated wildlife control company with a special emphasis on bat control. We are proud members of Bat Conservation International and NWCOA. And as such, we realize the importance of bats in the ecosystem, and we adopt humane control methods. We have provided bat removal services to residential homes and commercial buildings for nearly 20 years. We exclude all nuisance bat species, from small to large. All of our bat removal services are done using live exclusions through a one-way door system. Because bats are an endangered species, they are protected. Hence, it is illegal to kill or trap bats in many districts. We neither poison nor trap bats! We have completed thousands of live bat exclusions guarantee-backed with a five-year warranty. Once our technician has excluded the bats in your house, attic, or chimney, we perform all the necessary proofing repairs to prevent bats and other wild animals from returning. Because of the damage bats can cause in your attic, as well as the health risks their droppings can pose, we highly recommended a full attic clean-up and restoration. Our bat specialist will clear off the droppings and carry out the necessary repairs. We are certified, licensed, and insured bat removal specialists, and we're well-known for achieving outstanding results for our clients. Our customer service is also impressive, and we ensure our customers are fully satisfied with what we do. Because of our world-class expertise and professional conduct, we have been voted the #1 wildlife company in the district for the past three years. Check us out to see how we can help you control and remove bats safely.  We operate 24-7-365, so don't hesitate to call us at 504-565-7271 to discuss your bat problem and schedule a fast appointment.


We are experts at removing bats from residential properties. Whether you have a single bat trapped in your house, a colony roosting in your attic, and/or various other problems, there is no need to worry! During our removal process, we make sure to inspect your entire home carefully, tracking down all the entrypoints bats are using to invade your place. Next, we perform a process called live exclusion (where no bats are harmed and all exit your property), then seal all entry holes completely shut. We also take care of the cleanup process after, so your home is safe and clean!

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Besides residential areas, we also have a wealth of experience removing bats from commercial properties! We begin by investigating the area for possible bat entrances, covering holes even as small as 1/4 of an inch. Through our live exclusion process, bats leave the building through one-way exits, and we seal up every hole afterward. Once the bats have been removed, we perform a cleanup process. This includes dealing with guano, replacing damaged insulation, and decontaminating the place.

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What Is The Summer Bat Maternity Season?

Bats live together in large groups called colonies. During mating season, groups of pregnant female bats form large maternity colonies. They search for a structure they deem save to roost for themselves and their young.

Most bat maternity colonies are comprised of around forty females. Each female only gives birth to a single pup who will not be able to fly for a few months. The mother bats sometimes carry the pups when they fly but most of the time the babies are left in the roost while the mother searches for food. 

Depending on the species of bat and their geographic location, the summer maternity season can begin as early as mid-April and run until early-June. The end of the Summer maternity season typically occurs in mid to late August. Most of the pups are ready to fly by the end of the summer maternity season. 

April to August Exclusion Prohibited

Many times, when bats roost in a home or dwelling, it is a maternity colony looking for a safe place to give birth to their young.

Bats are a protected species because of the delicate balance they provide the ecosystem. They help keep the insect populations under control. This means that removing bats from a home or dwelling involves installing a one-way exclusion device. 

The problem is that the pups can not yet fly. Installing an exclusion device will prevent the mother from returning to her baby after searching for food. The flightless baby bats are stuck in the roost to slowly starve to death without their mother.

Most jurisdictions will prosecute and impose still fines for bat removal during the summer maternity season. Occasionally, there is an extenuating circumstance which compels the jurisdiction to issue a special permit for bat removal during this season. However, it is usually avoided. 

Removal Problems

Besides the fact that this sudden separation is cruel, the resulting action imposes a certain death sentence for the young. The mothers will work tirelessly to return to them. They will try to squeeze through any type of gap or crack they may be able to wedge themselves into. An open window or door can result in a sudden influx of irritated and panicked mother bats. 

If that doesn't happen, other things could. The starving babies are likely to attempt to find food on their own. This means that forty little baby bats can end up dying, scattered throughout the home or building. They are likely to find their way into walls and crevices during the process.